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Nic Update

Nic 现在的情况很好,虽然还在吃药,但是他乐观的态度又回来了。笑嘻嘻没有生病似的。
其实, 整个生病的过程, nic 并不难照顾,没有太多的哭泣. 大概,他把所有的不舒服都放在脸上,一脸闷闷不乐的样子。小天使,今天复诊对医生笑哈哈, 拉医生的听筒。医生对nic 的情况乐观,相信药物可以把一切治好。 下星期还要复诊, 抽血。 以后每个月复诊, 扫描。
Nic 的手指皮开始脱落。 每天定时的 ‘阿屎屁淋’ 是他最讨厌的东西; 爸爸的怀抱使他最喜爱的地方 (爸爸喜骄骄的说, 财产都给你); 哥哥打他是他哭得最伤心的时候; 看到哥哥吃零食, 他没份, 是天底下最残忍的事情呀!
大胃王又回来了。当哥哥正在不断努力练习说话的当儿,Nic 埋头苦练吃东西的技巧,所有他可吃的, 放在他手中,这小天使,不需要帮忙,自己大快朵颐起来。看吧,很快他又要胖嘟嘟了。。。( 哥哥说, Nic Nic 胖嘟嘟,Dict Dict 没有胖嘟嘟。)
 感谢神, Nic 是我们家的小宝。 感谢神,小宝是快乐天使。感谢神,快乐天使就快复原了!

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Nic update

Comflication of the kawasaki
Nic pulmonary artery swollen 40%, pls pray for him.
he is now under medication (aspirin), most probably on for 3 to 12 months. High dose for 2 weeks.
Aspirin may cause Reye’s syndrome (a serious condition in which fat builds up on the brain, liver, and other body organs) in children and teenagers, especially if they have a virus such as chicken pox or the flu.  Now, half of our family members are having flu.  we really need prayer for Nic.
Please pray for him

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update for nic

Nic 已 经 没 有发 高 烧 , EVERYTHING LOOK FINE.

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nic is sick

Nic was down with high fever for 5days 40 degree.  Dr had run tru blood scan and urine scan, no spesific symtopms that alarm us, exept for high fever.  Antibiotic does not help to reduce the temp.  Untill today, with Nic eyes turn red, cracked lips n some red rash on his arm, Dr diagnosed it might be kawasaki.  We are still waiting for the 2nd blood test report n most probably treatment which last 16 hours will start tonight. 

pls pray for him that minimum conflication after the treatment



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